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I’m trying to round out my movies seen for 2016. This is mainly to help me keep track of what I’ve seen. I just remembered the NY Korean Film Festival as I was typing. I will list those here too. Oh and Doctor Strange and Loving. Let me add those. Then I will be done for the year.

Pop count is still 64 books and 77 movies.

Let’s start with Loving.

Loving (Nichols/16): Incredible that it’s true story conveyed with quiet grace.

Writer/director Jeff Nichols and star Ruth Negga at Loving Q&A @filmlinc #filmliveshere #jeffnichols #ruthnegga #joeledgerton #loving @lovingthefilm

Next, I’ll list the New York Korean Film Festival movies I saw.

Seeing #traintobusan @movingimagenyc #newyorkkoreanfilmfestival #nykff

Train to Busan (Yeon/16): The best of the three I saw. Effective telling of a zombie attack on a train…going to Busan. Definitely a crowd-pleaser. 

Phantom Detective (Jo/16): Highly stylized in pleasant way with interesting enough plot.

Age of Shadows (Kim/16): It was fun to see a currently popular Korean movie. I can’t remember the details but overall it was pretty decent. I thought it would be more Hollywood espionage but it was more Korean historical drama.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Zwick/16): As an avid fan of these books, I had to see this movie. I already made semi-peace with the fact that Tom Cruise is not the embodiment of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. But I like him in his movies and he’s dedicated to entertaining the fans. I can’t compare with the books but I’ll the ones that feature his military police background tend to be strong. So it was good source material and I was entertained enough. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Yates/16): After I devoured Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script over the summer, I re-read all 7 books, watched all of the movies and re-read the play. So of course I was revved up to see Fantastic Beasts. It was fun but I really enjoyed reading the screenplay afterwards. JK Rowling is such a good writer. I understood more of the plot. Perhaps the stage directions were too subtle (for me). I have also been re-reading her Cormoran Strike books. So, so good

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Edwards/16): I was soooooo excited and pumped for Episode VII last year. The Force Awakens hit the right marks and holds up over multiple viewings. I was interested in Rogue One but less invested. However, for the most part I was into it. K-2SO is clearly the breakout star. No one does droids like the Star Wars universe. I’m glad Felicity Jones’ character had impressive skills, Donnie Yen gets a couple of good fight scenes. I didn’t quite get the dark tone of Diego Luna’s character. I get what they were going for but it didn’t quite gel for me. Now that Princess Leia, in real life, and Han Solo, in the story, are dead, I guess it’s all on Master Luke, C-3PO and R2-D2 and Chewie to carry the torch.

Doctor Strange (Derrickson/16): I liked Doctor Strange but I wasn’t completely enamored by it as I was anticipating. So I need to see it again. My inner hype was too high. I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, Khan, Alan Turing and Smaug so I want to love him as Doctor Strange. Give me time.

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