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I had a funny double header right before the Oscars last month. I am just catching up here.

La La Land (Chazelle/16): I loved Whiplash so I was looking forward to La La Land. Then I kept putting off seeing it and then heard extreme reactions from family and friends from love to hate. I liked it a lot. The two leads are immensely appealing. The story spoke to me. It made an impression especially the last sequence. That really sold it to me.

I Am Not Your Negro (Peck/16): This one I kept making plans to see and even got sold out of a showing when I got to the door. I was determined to see it in the theater. Solidly constructed with meaningful and timely source material. James Baldwin probably would not want to be relevant in 2017 but he is. His words are full of personal weight but speak to the people.

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