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John Wick: Chapter 2 (Stahelski/17): Is it worth leaving your house to see this? Heck, yeah! I will re-post my impression of John Wick after this because it applies to Chapter 2. Is it possible that Keanu is in even better shape and does cooler stunts in better clothes? Another resounding yes. I think the level of violence is the same. Escapist action movie at its best. And more dog as loyal companion appreciation. This time there is no doubt there will be another chapter. Also, even though this is only a week after the first movie leaves off, Keanu’s hair and sideburns are more badass too.

John Wick (Leitch & Stahelski/14): Who better to direct Keanu Reeves in an action movie than his longtime stunt double (Stahelski)? Keanu looks great. He wears 50 like a pro. One must completely suspend disbelief but then it’s pretty entertaining. Looks like a video game but hangs together long enough to tell very simple story with big action set pieces. I actually tried to keep a body count because I read there were 84. I only got to 77. The other 7 must’ve gone by fast. I know that only 4 of them were NOT made by Keanu’s character.

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